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I discovered circus as a child at the Théâtre Cirqule in Geneva, where I mainly practiced trapeze for about ten years. I learned to communicate physically, to go beyond my technical limits and to develop my imagination. Doing circus and creating quickly became a passion, a necessity, that's why I started dreaming of this career path. By turning my passion into my job, I envision my days to be filled with challenges and new ideas    Working in a group and touching all disciplines, meeting new people, sharing, setting up/dismantling tents, travelling, all these aspects are very appealing to me! In 2018, I finally dedicated myself fully to circus by entering in the Flic Scuola di Circo, a preparatory school in Italy. After two years, in 2020 I was lucky enough to be accepted into the advanced training of Quebec circus school in which I specialised in fixed trapeze and Cyr wheel.  After these years of studies completed, I am ready to honor my dream and to make circus of my life.



Quebec Circus School

The Quebec Circus School is a three-year higher education from which I may have graduated in June 2023.

I specialized in fixed trapeze and Cyr wheel.


Cop scuola di circo

The two-year preparatory training at the cop scuola di circo in Italy, in Turin is a technical training that I did in fixed trapeze.

Many artists also came to teach us : Elodie Donaquez, Eva Ordonez, Roman Fedin, Roberto Magro, François Juliot...


Circus Theater

The Théâtre Cirqule is a circus school in Geneva, Switzerland. I did 15 years of leisure training at different intensities, where I also had the chance to meet a lot of people from this environment :) 

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